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Porsche Design


Porsche has gone into a different field over the years and they have excelled at it to a certain degree. They started off with different types of luggage, wallets, golf clubs, and accessories. Then they expanded to other types of bags, watches, and other items. They have even branded a Porsche Cayman S as a Porsche Cayman Edition 1 with specific upgrades to the Porsche Design way of thought. I have been using some of their bags for business travel, and I have a laptop bag from them. Most of their products look extremely sleek and professional, and they take the minimalist approach to their design. Its functional yet the design is more oriented to keeping sleek and clean lines in their products. Comfort isn’t the highest item on their list when designing a product, its more functional, then it should fit their criteria, then comfort comes in so I changed laptop bags for that reason but they do have some very nice products. But as the name adds to the value these bags and other items don’t come with a cheap price tag.


Link: Porsche-Design