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I usually start watching a show for a little while before getting caught on, and I’m not much for the OC type shows but there is something different about the Gossip Girl. This a show which tickles the senses, you are brought into the Manhattan Upper East Side and viewing the world from their view. The story starts revolving around Serena and how she came back after a year of disappearing, and then the story starts from there. There are those people who were part of her life just before disappearing, and who are the IT crowd, and a few characters who aren’t part of the crowd but will play an important role. There is something about Serena that I find attractive, but I can’t quite put my finger on it, yet.


Overall its a good story, with very interesting characters who play their roles very well except for a few and there is a lot to work with. If this show keeps going as the first two episodes then I think I could I am hooked on it. I recommend people to watch it, its one of the many shows that I’m currently watching. It feels like I’m tasting food with all these shows, and with this one I got my ice cream.

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  1. I didnt like the OC. My friend got me the first two seasons and I watched the first and wasnt thrilled to watch the second. I remember how I talked about the nice houses, the pool house, architecture, and not the characters or the story LOL.

    If this show is any way similar to the OC… i wont get into it. At the moment I am into prison break, lost, greys anatomy, desp housewives, heroes, 24, these kinda shows. So if you have any recommendations, please shoot ahead :-P

  2. LOL It’s beautiful to see you write about Chick Flicks LOL!

    Oh and did you know that Serena was in “Accepted”

  3. Just finished Prison Break,Heroes, Chuck, Bionic Woman, Weeds, and californication. This show is in my download cue right now. Hope it is as good as others say. As for the OC first season was good then it all went to shit.

    Ah too much stuff to keep track off…

  4. maybe ill give it a go
    im taking a break from watching anything right now
    till i settle n school and get some sort of routine, then ill ruin everything by watching way too much tv for my own good :)

  5. I know why u like Serena mwahahahhahahahah

    But yah Gossip Girl ROCKS!

  6. I’ll watch this show.. only because Kristen Bell is in it.

    Too bad we only get to hear her voice lol.

  7. i’ve read the first few books of the gossip girl series..
    mite watch GG… , since its ice cream ;p

  8. Nice review, I’ll probably wait a bit, if I hear good reviews I’ll probably start watching it then!

  9. Ansam: That is the point, I hated the OC and I thought this would be the same, but it turns out it really has a story. And its really interesting! I do recommend that you check it out for sure!

    Jacqui: loooool! It aint a chick flick!!! lol! I didn’t know that, but I will check it out for sure!

    TAT: That is what I’m saying OC was bad, so I didn’t know what to expect from this but it turn out to be damn good! And I agree there are too many shows, now its the filtration time, to see whats good and whats bad!

    eshda3wa: you will be hooked for sure!

    Ananyah: looool! Its a good show for sure!

    DnG: looool!

    Laialy: hehehe

    MEANBOY: hehehe, yeah its interesting that its her voice. I like how they are doing this show. She does have a hot voice, you can tell she is hot!

    Peony: loool! Its the ice cream, really!

    N: Yeah I know what you mean, I’m usually like that but this is turning out to be pretty good!

  10. I saw the pilot today and I liked it! Blair is my favourite character.

  11. MEANBOY: Serena is my favorite! lol! Hopefully it will stay this good!

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