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Qsonix – Q110 – Major Music Management


People have always said its difficult managing music, and this is with only a few Gigabytes worth of music, maybe even 20 or 50 Gigabytes. What would you do if you had over a Terabyte worth of music. It seems Qsonix have thought about it and they have developed a product specifically for that application and more. The is a fully featured music management system with all the possible options possible. This product is engineered to make music management as easy as possible with all the features you could want, the best part is integration capabilities.


  • Touch-screen music management system, GUI is very simple and user friendly.
  • Takes care of your archives.
  • Control four zones independently with their own tunes, volume and other settings.
  • Recommends and builds custom play lists based on moods and themes.
  • It automatically retrieves of album art and liner notes.
  • Transfers music to and from any iPod product automatically as well as any MP3 player.
  • Can automicatlly convert iTunes format to MP3 and back.
  • Will automatically rip from any audio CD and retrieve album art and liner notes for, as well as ripping from compilation CDs and letting you assign the correct information for it.
  • Can rip to different quality of music such as: CD Quality Lossless Compression, High Quality (320 Kbps), or Normal Quality (192 Kbps).
  • Can integrate into home automation system, or remain as standalone system to integrate into any speaker system.
  • Fast Preview – Can preview music without interrupting playlists.

Who said the best doesn’t come for a price.

Price: $5900 – $7900 (250 GB – 1 TB)