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Sim Card Spy Ear


Who said listening in isn’t fun?

 This is probably an interesting gadget for lots of people, it is designed to be used in office, home, or any other situation. A chargable listening device which can be placed some where remote or under a desk, and can last as long as the chraged battery on it lasts. You just have to insert your SIM card and be ready to listen to any conversation occuring where the Spy Ear was placed.

You can technically call in from international areas and listen into conversations or what is going on. How would this be abused? Well that would be up to the owner, for only $85 you can call in and listen to all the different places that you want. You can have it on a fixed location with the power connected or having it run off the battery for a certain amount of time, it can be charged by USB. You would also have to get a lot of different phone numbers with all the different locations you would have for the Spy Ear.

Link: OhGhizmo