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Chill Weekend


This has been one of those strange chill weekends, I’m still getting used to the idea of having a two day weekend. Its been a while since I’ve had two day weekends so when it comes to the weekend I think I have one day off, then the next one turns out to be off, great! This weekend was the weekend of qabgaat, there were lots of them and we were running between them, and it was great seeing a lot of friends and catching up. There was one qabgah where I spent over 45 minutes at the door just saying hello to people who I kept seeing at the door and it was a lot of people for sure.


I managed to get some sleep on Friday, and then I had to go to some meeting on Saturday morning and night for other work, and it was a bit exhausting. In between all that I managed to watch my shows and enjoy them thoroughly. It was a bit of a multimedia weekend as well, I managed to sort through a lot of TV shows and Anime, and move them to the NAS (Network Area Storage) since I completed them from a little while ago, and freeing up some space. Organizing my data is always a good thing, I feel I have made an accomplishment, but I’m in need of a large hard drive for my HTPC but since Ramadan started its been difficult to go to Hawally. The traffic isn’t during the day but right after futoor all the way to 11:00pm and I really dislike traffic. So I’m just sorting things from my end on the PCs and also sorting through all the things in my immediate area.

Also the weather has been getting better and better over the past couple of days. Its making me want to ride very much, and the cool breeze is an amazing feeling.

TV Shows:

  • Traveler
  • Chuck
  • Gossip Girl


  • Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny
  • Devil May Cry
  • Mars Day Break


  • Halo 3 – Only Game Necessary