Transformers – Addiction


I have always liked Transformers, but since I knew about the movie it got me going again. I started watching some of the old cartoons and felt really entertained, and when I was at the Borders in the US I passed by the comic section and decided to skim through them. As my luck turns out they did have the Transformers comics so I picked up all the Transformers Comics or Graphic Novels that they had as well as one G.I.Joe comic since it was a complete disclosure of my favorite G.I.Joe character. I felt like a kid when I flipping through them and I remembered the feeling of wanting to go home just to read through them.


The Listing:

  • Transformers – Stormbringer Manga
  • G.I.Joe – Snake Eyes Declassified
  • Transformers – War Within (1)
  • Transformers – War Within: The Dark Ages (2)
  • The Transformers : Infiltration (1)
  • The Transformers : Escalation (3)
  • The Transformers: Greatest Battles of Optimus Prime and Megatron
  • Transformers Movie Prequel
  • Transformers Movie Adaptation
  • The Transformer: Spotlight (1)

I’m missing a few of them in between these graphic novels, but that is what Amazon is for and I will get the rest of them to complete each series so I may enjoy them all one go.






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  1. I Agree with you bro, Transformers ROCKS!

  2. you didn’t read the old marvel transformers / G.I.Joe series ?

    and the G.I.Joe Vs transformers series ( there are 2 by Dreamwave Productions )

  3. Wer3y: Exactly!!

    forzaq8: I didn’t but i want to get my hands on the complete series and I’m not sure where to get them from!!! I will check out Dreamwave productions then! Thanks!

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