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Pyro Pick-Up


After my Julia’a ride I had a few issues which need to be dealt with such as the Clutch. Something is going which is making it very difficult for the clutch to be engaged smoothly. luckily I contacted the TriStar technician and gave him a full description of what I was doing and what was the result. Even after a 140 Km ride I knew what wasn’t wrong so that we could rule a few things out. I ask him to take it for a test ride to see what I’m talking about, the clutch is a bit jerky so hopefully they can solve it for me because the weather is just too nice these days not to be riding. As soon as I shut the phone from the technician the Tristar driver called me up to pick up the bike, with them everything is automated and I love dealing with them. They make things really easy, and hopefully they can fix this so I can ride on the weekend. Now to try Robo out and see if he is having any issues which need to be sorted out!