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Review: Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny


Plot Summary: Loosely based on the novel ‘Romance of the three kingdoms’, modern day Japan sees a similar struggle for power between different rival schools with the three strongest being; Kyosho Academy led by Sousou Moutoku, Nanyo Academy by Sonsaku Hakufu and Ryuubi Gentoku from Seito High School. Together these three tousei, each with their own mangatama, fight for the honour of becoming ikki tousen and fulfilling their fated destiny through battle and conquest.


This is anime continues where Ikkitousen left off, its still all about the souls within all these student fighters. This really does pick up where the original left off but this time it isn’t about character development, they jump right into the story. As well as all the action going on you find a lot of fanfare in the story. There is just the same amount of nudity in this series as there was in the original Ikkitousen, but with this the story playing out between Nanyo, Seito, and Kyosho. Due to circumstances of the situation Nanyo with Seito have to face Kyosho, and they are all haunted by their destiny of their past, that is something that can not be escaped by these fighters or Toshi. This story answers some questions and you get to see some spectacular fights as well as getting an interesting ending. Its a fun anime if you enjoy martial arts and a little fan fare.

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