Review: Logitech VX Nano


I have been looking for a laptop mouse for a while now, but I run into a few issues. Either they are of cheap quality or they are too small to be really that functional. Then Logitech comes along and makes the perfect portable mouse, the VX Nano


  • Very comfortable fit in your hand
  • Scrolling and scroll lock very well designed
  • Going back between pages is well designed with buttons next to your left finger
  • Wireless mouse connected by 2.4Ghz receiver
  • Receiver is so small it is stored inside the mouse
  • The mouse automatically switches off when the receiver is re-inserted inside of it
  • The wireless receiver plugs into the USB to connect the mouse, and can work out of the box. It is so small it can be left in the laptop if you see fit since it doesn’t protrude out of the laptop.
  • Triple AAA batteries are long lasting
  • Reasonable price for a quality product


  • Can’t seem to find any.


Comfortable, Feature-rich, and Well Designed. There is much more you can ask from this mouse, Logitech has come out with another quality product.

Price: $49.99

Link: Amazon






A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Thats neat, I must say with my HP laptop I use it’s accompanying mouse which i am very pleased with even though people complain about it being small, it fits my hand perfectly. but batteries and the receiver are an issue. with my Macbook is another issue, i use the mightymouse which is bluetooth enables and thats pretty nifty

  2. but it’s so tiny! shakla (Allah la egoola) ethee3 bser3a :/

    i prefer using the touchpad thingy, my fingertips mit3awdeen lol

    (P.S. check out my new domain :D)

  3. It is really nice, first time i see such a mouse and it looks very handy.
    enjoy it.

    I almost read your web, and i m happy to see someone so close in mind and life to iranian good families.

    You will be great man enshallah.

  4. that’s “snag it and forget it” mouse,, i love this it

    press the scroll wheel then the scroll will be smoooooooth

    best thing is the battery life

  5. Carlsb3rg

    logitech has the bes peripherals in my opinion. Their gaming mouses are awesome. They have one where you can put weights underneath!

  6. Somehow it makes me think of controlling people with that mouse LOL!

  7. Why does everyone say mighty mouse I tried it it sucks… I have a logitech for 5 years now and it didnt break yet, when it comes to mice logitech is the big kahuna. Although I’m gonna try razor out and put it head to head with logitech for gaming

  8. Laialy: This one would work with both easily, and its just great!

    Swair: nope, its a decent size! Honestly perfect size! I saw your domain as they were working onit! looks fantastic!

    elham: Thanks, there are lots of good people around, but not all of them talk!

    vampire: Exactly the battery is great and the scrolling is smooth! So I’m very happy with it.

    Carlsb3rg: I agree 100%! They really have quality products and sometimes they have some issues but overall just great!!

    G-Funk: lol! Logitech > Everything else.

    Jacqui: hahahaahaa! U and your tech imagination!

    TAT: Logitech is fantastic and better then the rest in my opinion! Yeah the Razors are special mieces! lol!

  9. noom

    where can i find it in kuwait ?

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