Cubicle Wars


Now this couldn’t get any more entertaining then this. I previously mentioned about the USB Rocket Launcher before, but they took it to another level and gave this Rocket Launcher more articulation and Twice the Distance that it had before. Check out the video on the link below, I wouldn’t mind having a row of these, I would shoot people out of the air without any issues, people would be falling left and right.

Price: $40.00

Link: ThinkGeek

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Note to self: Replace Styrofoam arrows with real arrows.

  2. hahahaaaaaa that would be fun

    you’de have to get it on the ground if you’re aiming at people’s behinds :p

  3. N: looool!

    chikapappi: I will be sure to avoid your offices!

    Laialy: Very fun! loool! I would aim for their heads, forget behinds! hahaha

  4. behinds all the way … whats in their head might be valuable and you might get their eye which would be worse
    BEHIND, aim for the BEHIND

  5. Laialy: There will always be casualties of war! They can take it!

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