Weather Changes!


We are two thirds through Ramadan right now, and it feels like its flying by. The one thing very different about this Ramadan is the heat, I got used to the cool Ramadans of the past. A lot of people are even saying they won’t be in Kuwait during the next Ramadan because of the heat, now thats going to be interesting for sure. A lot of people will be flooding to Lebanon during that time for sure since its much cooler and nice during the hot periods in Kuwait.

One thing I am happy about is the change of weather and how things are cooling off a bit these days. Its nice to be outside albeit a little humid but still its nice sitting outside. I may have to switch on my boiler after keeping it off all summer long so that I may use hot water again, these days its lukewarm.

Now the question going around the question of the day is what is your Eid plans. It seems that this holiday during Eid is long enough to take the whole week off so people are making plans and they want to go to different destinations. Most flights to Egypt, UAE, and Lebanon are pretty booked, and it seems the majority are going to these places for their vacation and everyone is trying to take some time off. I like Kuwait when its empty so that I may enjoy some riding, and there might be some scuba diving plans if I can get my Padi license in time but its going to be tight.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. i don’t like the humidity :(

    and Eid’s fun BECAUSE it’s spent with the extended families, i don’t get why people would want to travel :/

  2. Purgatory72

    Yeah I enjoy it when all of them leave so I can be at peace and harmony with my inner body.

  3. Humidity killed my engine .. I had to put the stock intake back in.

  4. Eid? Shaleeeeeeh! That picture is tempting!

  5. Yeah I noticed the water is a bit cooler in the morning when I take a shower. As for Eid, I am not traveling anywhere.. a member of my family just died (God rests her soul) of brain tumor.
    And with the weather changing I am having allergies again arghhhhh

  6. Corolla Man (AE86)

    عشان نفدر إنتربق في الدوام

  7. Swair: Nobody is that happy about humidity but at least its getting cooler! They just got used to it at this point, I’m just happy I get some time off!

    Purg: loooool!

    K: Damn, that really does kill!

    N: looool!

    Vampire: At last you get to go on vacation!

    Laialy: Soon inshalla you will be back to enjoy it!

    Ansam: alah yer7uma! Alah ekoon ib 3oonich with the allergies!

    Corolla Man: hahaha! Khan shoof!

  8. Well I’m traveling after Eid! Cyprus and Lebanon. eid is one of my favorite time of the year

  9. I still didn’t buy anything for Eid!

  10. Rado

    Do u know any place for Diving? (not palms or hilton)

  11. Rado

    mean to get the PADI.

  12. Linus: That is good, a few good places to go to!

    MAZE: Nice, enjoy!

    pearls: loool! What do you need to buy?

    Rado: Check with Al Boom, they have training as well.

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