Yumi Model Statues


Now these are some interesting statues, they are all one off statues ranging from $95 to $4500. Yumi started this business from her garage and turned into a two shop successful business from being listed online and making quality items. When you see the list of Star Wars, Preditor, Aliens, Terminantor, Stargate, Spiderman, and more one off replicas available for purchase you would be astonished. Some of these statues are amazing in the details, and this is targeting the Sci-Fi Fans, just amazing.


Link: UnCrate

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  1. I thought it’s Yoda as well, but the details in the first statue is better than the second… I bet it’s one of the items that cost more than $4000.

  2. That top one? It is supposed to be Yoda isn’t it? Either Yoda or some gremlin lol.

  3. Laialy: You are corrreeecccttt!!! loool!

    Chroma-Trauma: I know seriously the details are amazing, I’m just not sure how much!

    N: Yoda! loool! I love how everyone is trying to guess!

  4. Fuzz

    dude, i saw these things being sold at jam3iyat shi3ib, had a really cool alien as well as predator model. didnt check prices though, but being at jam3iyat shi3ib, im assuming not so hard on the wallet =o)

  5. Fuzz: Interesting, I was thinking about passing by Al Muthana just to see what has changed there and I’m assuming they have a few different places to check out there.

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