Download Session


Currently I’m downloading about 31. 91 Gigabytes worth of movies and anime, and this isn’t including all the TV shows I have already downloaded over the past two weeks. I felt that I have missed a lot of movies and I have been lacking them so I decided to get as many as I can at this point. Some of these will take some time but some I will get over the next couple of days, and I really want to watch some of these movies.


  • Mr. Woodcock
  • The Kingdom
  • The Condemned
  • Grindhouse Death Proof
  • Superman – Doomsday
  • The Lookout
  • Displaced
  • Superbad


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  1. I heard that “Knocked Up” was a good movie, maybe you should add that to your list

  2. Knocked up is cool, its a lot of fun. I haven’t heard of some of these. You’re getting the dvd? screeners?, or cam and/or ts releases? I usually wait until a dvd release is out before getting them. I can’t tolerate a cam/ts release!

  3. Thanks for the interesting movie list! I’ve not been utilizing my DSL connection properly as of late; time to make ammends.

  4. Sami

    where do you download your stuff from?

  5. AL

    Damn what connection do you have…? Please I’m really looking foward to getting a new internet connection.

    And one more thing..what kinna speeds are getting on your downloads?

  6. Laialy: I already got it and hoping to watch it on the weekend!

    N: Most are dvd rips, and a few screens. One I think “The Kingdom” is probably a cam, but hopefully they are all high quality! I’m with you, I can’t stand cam/ts releases!

    sabah: No problem! Time to make use of your ISP! lol

    Sami: All from torrent sites, try

    AL: I have two connections, one is 2 MB Qnet, and one is 1.5 MB Kems. With a load balancer you can get it up to 3.5 MB! depending on the torrent site, sometimes I get 200 kbps and usually between 30 – 60 kbps. Also depends on the uploader.

  7. Kenichi is good or the episodes I’ve seen of it so far, hehe I stopped however watching it I need to pick it up again LOL!

    I still haven’t watched Superbad can you believe that!

  8. Jacqui: loool, you are slowly getting pulled into Anime! I’m downloading the whole thing, I will pass it to you as soon as I have it all.

  9. Tartooob

    You gonna love death proof and the lookout, amazing movies ;)
    Try to watch some of the movies in top 250 imdb

    Maybe Memento and Pulp Fiction ;) ?

  10. Tartoob: Thanks, I’m looking forward to them! I have a lot of the top 250 imdb, sometimes there isn’t enough time to watch everything!

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