Shocking Wake-up


I was tired after futoor so I decided to take a quick nap before having to go to some social obligations. I thought I could at least get in two hours of sleep before heading out. I asked my brother to wake me up when he gets back from prayer, and I put the alarm to wake me up after an hour and a half. It was a mistake, I won’t be repeating anytime soon.

I only got an hour worth of sleep before my brother got back and started his wake-up tactics. At first he told me to get up I told give me 20 minutes, and I will be up. I didn’t receive those precious twenty minutes, instead a ball was bounced off my head, and pictures were taken with the flash one, and he tried pulling the covers which is the worst thing to do. I thought that was it, until he was telling me again to wake up and I felt cold water being poured on my head and went down my neck. My system went into shock, but I was so damn tired that I didn’t even bother to react. I got up after that point to head out, but to say I was a tired zombie while sitting in the car was an understatement.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Watya

    LOOOOOOOOOOL… I like ur brother

  2. Watya: I will getting my revenge in due time.

  3. pulling the cover is indeed the worst thing to do,, i would have gone all mad at who ever did it

    pouring water is better

  4. lol! he was in some weird mood today!

  5. Ouch!!!! Next time depend on urself :P

  6. Mo Hat

    Your bro is awesome.

  7. if my brother tried to do wake me up this way i wouldn’t wake up even if it was my own party :P

  8. poor poor Marzouq
    i took a power nap after fotoor yesterday as well but i woke up to the sound of my own alarm :)

  9. I prefer my mom’s waking up technique of having slightly cold water rubbed on my face (gently 6ab3an, mo s6arat) lol

    that was the perfect way of waking me up ayam awal, it’s just a tiny bit refreshing and not sudden and ice cold, you’d want to go wash your face with colder water to keep the refreshed feeling going lol

    and it’s definitely NOT the covers being pulled off, that sucks bum.

  10. LOL May I assasinate your brother for his wake up tactics.

    I wouldn’t want to be his kid in the future LOL! Imagine your dad waking you up that way lol!

  11. This teaches you a lesson.. Stick to the alarm!

  12. loool..thats sooo bad…i would revenge!!

  13. ur brother wont waste anytime LOL but I am so against pouring water on a sleeping person.. so so against it..

  14. GOD if it were me i would have screamed my head off!
    i Hate it when someone does that to me!

  15. vampire: No, the water is really bad! hahahaha

    EniGma: No, it was a normal mood! He saw an easy target! hahaha

    Vixen: yeah, I was thinking that as I felt the cold down my spine.

    Mo Hat: Yup, he is! lol

    ray: looool, sometimes you just do! hehehe

    Abdullah: No Evidence!! I won’t give him the pleasure!

    shoosha: I don’t lock doors! lol

    Laialy: I’m a survivor! lol

    Swair: Ok, yeah. You wouldn’t survive in my enviroment!

    Jacqui: No no, its special treatment for me! lol!

    Phoenix: lol!

    MAZE: In due time!

    Ansam: lol, he got to the point quickly!

    eshda3wa: loooool! I don’t scream, I have my ways!

  16. jewaira

    You’re a saint. I can’t believe you didn’t run after him and strangle him lol

  17. u shud have kicked ur bros ass on the way out… that wud have woken u up :) i go thru the same thing so the best thing to do is to take a quick cold shower and i guarantee u will wake up and sip on a red bull on the way.

  18. Tartooob

    Lol, 9edg 3thab,, allah y3eenk 3la hatha el brother :P

  19. jewaira: loool! Not really a saint, the thing is I asked him to so its my fault for not specifying the acceptable procedures!!! loooool!

    N: To say the least! hehehe

    Fonzy: loool! U love your red bulls, man I can’t do red bulls!

    Tartoob: wala ma7thooth weya hel brother!! hehehe!

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