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Shocking Wake-up


I was tired after futoor so I decided to take a quick nap before having to go to some social obligations. I thought I could at least get in two hours of sleep before heading out. I asked my brother to wake me up when he gets back from prayer, and I put the alarm to wake me up after an hour and a half. It was a mistake, I won’t be repeating anytime soon.

I only got an hour worth of sleep before my brother got back and started his wake-up tactics. At first he told me to get up I told give me 20 minutes, and I will be up. I didn’t receive those precious twenty minutes, instead a ball was bounced off my head, and pictures were taken with the flash one, and he tried pulling the covers which is the worst thing to do. I thought that was it, until he was telling me again to wake up and I felt cold water being poured on my head and went down my neck. My system went into shock, but I was so damn tired that I didn’t even bother to react. I got up after that point to head out, but to say I was a tired zombie while sitting in the car was an understatement.