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Barber Stop


It was just one of those times where I needed to go to the barber. It has been a hell of a lot of things popping up for work, family, and other things over the past couple of weeks and I haven’t been to the barber for at least three weeks. A shaved head is something simple but the difficult part is the goatee and cleaning it up right. I haven’t shaved for a while so the beard was really annoying, and getting very prickly so I knew something needed to be done but time was an issue.


Then Wednesday night right after isha prayer I called the barber and told him I’m coming right over and I don’t mind waiting if he has someone on the seat when I get there. It was one of those times where I needed a break from all the things I was doing and the barber was the perfect venue. I got there and I was happy to find lots of parking, and I went straight to my usual seat. I was happy to be in my seat, the familiarity felt fantastic and I was happy thinking about the feeling after the shave. As soon as he started shaving my head I felt the comfort of having a clean top, and I was feeling good that this prickly annoying beard was going to banished for another week to 10 days. The whole thing was really relaxing, I even told him to take his time since I was in no hurry and I only had to be somewhere later. One thing is for sure, it felt damn good once he was done. I even drove home feeling good from the cool breeze hitting my clean face from the open windows.