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Pyro Diagnostics


How can you ask for better service then this, I really don’t think that Tristar can really do better then they are. You really do pay for what you get with this company. You can always get cheaper bikes but I don’t think you could get better service.

I have had a problem with the clutch recently, I had the slipper clutch from Ducati installed as one of the modifications to the 1098s over 5 months ago. And recently after a little break there was an issue. They called me yesterday telling me that they installed the old clutch and they tried tweak the slipper clutch and a lot other solutions but nothing worked, the launch was still rough. They contacted Ducati and opened a case with them waiting to hear from them. So that I could ride Pyro for the weekend they have installed the old clutch and brought him back today to me, and I wasn’t charged for any of the work or transport. What more could you ask, they called and updated me, they told me what they were doing, and I told them I didn’t mind them keeping the bike but they went the extra mile to make sure I have the bike for the weekend. Tristar is one the top companies for service, when they can do something they do everything they can to make sure things are cleared up and the customer is happy, and I’m one happy customer.