Alfredo Sofa


For a decent size living room this would be a very good fit, and it would comfortable to lounge on all day long. This type of couch can fit in multiple environments and the mood would be set by the accessories that would be placed around the couch. I really do like this type of couch, but the odd thing is that there is no price included so I can only imagine how much it would cost.

Link: Orange Skin

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  1. I’ve see somethin’ like that here in Kuwait, yemken the One – as for prices I don’t think it’s that expensive… around KD 500 maybe! my cousin had a browinsh one, it was nice with Turqoise accessories

  2. love the couch!! love that style, material and color!

  3. chikapappi: hmmm interesting, I always like these types of couches, but you just have to find the right setting for it! 500 KD isn’t too bad, they can easily go over 1000 at The One.

    Fonzy: same here!

  4. Love the couch, it always gets me thinking on how I want my future home to look like. I want it to be extra organized, nothing from my past life, with beautiful colors and coordination!

  5. MeeM

    I love it .. there is another white couch and it is amazing.. if you want to know the price just click on Inquire button and ask for it :) they will reply you later about any details you need.

  6. My uncle had something similar custom made a couple years back.

  7. eshda3wa: I’m thinking 4000 to 6000! lol!

    Jacqui: lol! I would tone down the colors a bit!

    MeeM: I agree they would but its odd they don’t post a lot of prices and just leave it empty.

    moodi: Having something made is good, but sometimes you just can’t get the high quality stuffing that you would want in Kuwait!

  8. It looks very inviting! lol!

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