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Qnet Blocking


This is just getting ridiculous, I didn’t even know how many useful sites Qualitynet is blocking. Forget they are blocking really useful and informational content, and the funny part so that people don’t get annoyed directly with Qualitynet they have changed the look of the blocking page they use which is very funny. They even removed the Qnet contact email which used to be there for mistakes, I think too many people emailed them and they don’t want to listen to anyone anymore.

Forget that they are blocking torrent sites for no reason, and they say its the Ministry of Communication requesting it from them but its odd they wouldn’t request it from the other ISPs who aren’t blocking them. They have blocked BoingBoing which wasn’t blocked the week before, and I was surfing it normally reading up on articles from physics to the latest technology, and funny stories. I just find it ridiculous that they have no criteria and that they are even blocking anything what so ever. There are ways to get around it but its still really annoying.