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This is just getting ridiculous, I didn’t even know how many useful sites Qualitynet is blocking. Forget they are blocking really useful and informational content, and the funny part so that people don’t get annoyed directly with Qualitynet they have changed the look of the blocking page they use which is very funny. They even removed the Qnet contact email which used to be there for mistakes, I think too many people emailed them and they don’t want to listen to anyone anymore.

Forget that they are blocking torrent sites for no reason, and they say its the Ministry of Communication requesting it from them but its odd they wouldn’t request it from the other ISPs who aren’t blocking them. They have blocked BoingBoing which wasn’t blocked the week before, and I was surfing it normally reading up on articles from physics to the latest technology, and funny stories. I just find it ridiculous that they have no criteria and that they are even blocking anything what so ever. There are ways to get around it but its still really annoying.

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  1. Anonytootoo

    Actually Z thats from Zain’s blocking on Ego, qualitynet still has the usual page with the email contact.

  2. Marzouq : BoingBoing is not blocked. I’m surfing it right now and I am a Qnet subscriber

  3. They don’t have a strategy, they block whatever have been reported. I think it’s easier for them to block rather than reading about complaints in newspapers ..

  4. Man, I’m used to browse the internet as much as I please and surf anywhere…I cannot imagine how bumped I’m gonna be when I return to Kuwait for good and miss my high speed internet and censor-free browsing. Ministry of Communications sucks…big time

  5. lfc-q8


  6. I’m a UN subscriber and they actually blocked a game site for about 2 days, I didn’t bother to send them anything because I knew it was a mistake, I believe they randomly block and then un-block acorrding to complaints.
    Most of what is blocked in Kuwait shouldn’t be in the first place, but what can you say!!!

  7. Haha.. that’s nice. Its better than the “Blocked by QualityNet” message that used to appear.

    They’re smart! DIverting hatred from their company. Aahh corporate politics. Scary!

  8. Anonytootoo its not Zain on ego. Ego get connected everytime on a different carrier. There is this site “dlisted” that I check between now and then.. sometimes its unblocked and sometimes its blocked. When using ego sometimes I get this sign and sometimes I get kems or smartlink or whatever.
    It is very ridiculous

  9. Mo Hat

    They blocked the call of duty 4 website for months. Lucky I was able to get the beta code from gamespot. Retards.

  10. Anonytootoo: Thats odd, I’m connected using my Qnet DSL so I don’t know why its going to that then!

    G-Funk: I just checked again, its blocked!

    Chroma-Trauma: I think they can block for a bit then unblock again!

    Angelo: I agree with you 100%! I do enjoy free censor internet!

    lfc-q8: What speed? lol

    maryam: I know, there is nothing that can be done about it!

    This Lady Says: It is a change from the usual!

    Ansam: This is really weird, I’m not sure then why its doing this when I’m on Qnet!

    Mo Hat: Ok thats just stupid!

  11. lfc-q8

    Z there is a program called onspeed … google it

  12. That’s pretty weird. Boingboing is working here, somehow, and I’m also getting the old Qnet blocked site.

    Anyway, the sites blocked are based on SmartFilter’s categorization thingie. They’re too lazy to keep watch on every site.

    You can check the category here I think:

  13. lfc-q8: Not my thing, I have a vpn but its still annoying for all this!

    Bojacob: I know, I wish I could scramble smartfilter, its what the bluecoat hardware blocking uses. Its annoying that they use all that, too bad it can’t be disabled remotely!

  14. Marzouq : It’s working everytime i log into it . Guess that Qnet is tragetting you on purpose :-p

  15. This blockage should stop I mean when will personal accountability come in to place instead of being forced into it. It’s easy saying you dont want kids getting into these sites or whatever excuse you come up with at the time but there are sites that have no reason of being blocked. Besides why not offer alternatives like netnanny or a firefox extension to the customer. I know the argument was not everyone was computer literate when they started this but now 80% or more of the population is wanna know why because they all started using proxies. They cant print but they sure can find porn on the net.

  16. G-Funk: It seems something is being routed differently in my case.

    TAT: exactly, its as simple as that. If they want a way around they will find it!

  17. Yeah, it’s very random and baseless sometimes.

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