RIAA Losing on Lawsuits


The RIAA has been chasing after innocent users and serving them lawsuits for their peer-to-peer activity. The funny part is that RIAA doesn’t even know how many download from a person they just know that the person is distributing something. The information on their side is limited they are just trying to discourage users from sharing but this has been a losing battle. The RIAA has admitted that this is a losing battle for them and they haven’t gain anything from it.

They haven’t really discourage people from sharing they are finding a different way around it, and they are making any money off of the lawsuits either. They spend much more on lawyers, consul, and consultants then they even come close to gaining from winning the lawsuits. I don’t know when they will get the idea, but read the Arstechnica article its a very interesting read.

Link: Arstechnica

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  1. I think it is quite shocking when Pariser said “We’ve lost money on this program”. It came out of her own mouth, not to mention all her other replies in the article seem utterly ridiculous (claiming they dunno how many people are downloading, wrongly accused victims…etc…). I dunno it’s all prety much pro-Brian Toder to be honest. I haven’t read on these cases before to judge whether this is a biased article by this Eric Bangeman guy or Sony BMG’s the head of litigation is really a complete joke lol

  2. The “law” is not going to fix this … if it sees it as a real problem that is.

  3. Missy: I would go with complete joke! lol! Those people are just ridiculous!

    Laialy: Its not even a problem, the companies loose money and they want to get it all back.

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