300 HD DVD


This is one the best movies of the decade period, I have lost count of how many times I have seen this movie. When watching this movie every person sitting there has seen this movie multiple times. We were immersed in the movie, and even though we knew every scene we were all getting caught up. The energy in the room was electrifying, and we were just getting started. This movie is every man’s right of passage, and it must be watched multiple times to understand what those men went through. This was the first time we watched the movie in HD DVD, and it was a whole other experience with the extreme details. You can see so much you actually felt like you can reach in and grab the wip across the screen, and touch the Spartan shields. There is nothing more that can be said other then Leonidas is a man among men.

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  1. Mo Hat

    ‘Leonidas is a man among men.’ isn’t that an obvious line meaning leonidas is like the rest. Work on your english! ;)

  2. just spoke with my brother over the phone and he was impressed by the quality of high-def of 300 as well (although, I think he has the Blu-Ray version because he owns a PS3).

    Thankfully, my brother will give me his X360 when the Falcon X360 releases next year. So, that will give me the chance to catch on some of the 360 games that I missed and also enjoy HD quality movies.

  3. am i the only person in the word who did not like the movie?
    or the political concept behind it?

  4. I need me one of those. eshda3wa are you serious, you didn’t like the movie! Maybe you haven’t seen it as it should be seen, in the cinema or large TV screen. One thing, the movie design graphics are really amazing. A political concept, really? Hmmmm, maybe I was too busy marvelling the 300 ;)


    :-P heehee

    I think Xerxes should be the new face for MAC makeup :-P

  6. Anon

    One of the worst movies I have ever seen, such crap.

  7. Am I the only one who thought this movie was kinda.. well.. overrated? The storyline was pretty simple, I expected something more epic-y.

  8. Mo Hat: You lost the meaning of that, its means that no man can measure to him!

    Laialy: Well worth it!

    Angelo: Thats good, you get to get the XBox 360 without too much effort! lol!

    eshda3wa: I think you are part of the few! ol

    Maryam: Exactly, everyone is marvelling at the 300!!

    Ansam: lol! Is Xerxes that good looking? lol

    Anon: I doubt that!

    MEANBOY: Simple storyline but well made! Keeping it simple is the hard part and they did that!

  9. The movie is on the top of my favorite movies of all the times. Its not just great its the best ever.
    The simplicity of its plot give it a kind of excitement. Both the visual effects and sound effects are the best.
    I cant stop watching it over and over.

  10. No he just wears TOO MUCH makeup! I wouldnt be caught dead wearing all that makeup LOL

  11. after Gladiator i didnt expect another movie as good to be made… the movie passed in a flash!! i loved it but the ending pissed me off honestly.. they all died in one battle… all because one man broke the formation… still an incredible movie

    WE ARE SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. lool, i think this is the third or fourth time you post about 300! haha can’t get enough! :p

  13. Muh’d M. Mansour: Its just great!

    Ansam: Its not the make up its the way they filmed it that makes it look like their is a layer!!!

    Fonzy: looooool!

    N: There will be more!!!! lol!

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