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Playing Around


When my nephew comes over I always check to see if he just woke up or not, because sometimes kids are cranky if they just wake up. To my luck he was ready to play, and he wanted his uncle! So we took him down to futoor since he knew it was time to eat, and these days he tends to eat some solid food. He always does something funny when he eats, its only a matter of time. So when he was done with his meal, he kept going around and under the table and in every possible direction, he also wanted me to join him in the festivities. He would also ask for desert since it was being offered to him, and I had a feeling sugar my give him that extra boost to run around even more. So when we head up he goes straight to my room, and I managed to sit him down for a bit to watch some anime and get him to love anime. I was surprised this time he sat through a whole episode which is a good sign. Then he ran to the shelf behind me to get one truck, which is really optimus prime. I let him do whatever he wants as long as he doesn’t hurt himself, I like kids to learn from their mistakes but not dangerous ones and he has learned from some of his mistakes. When he was sitting behind me I suddenly hear a tear and I look around to find my crippled helicopter completely wingless and my nephew going vroom vroom. It reminded me of a dragon fly but not wings. I was laughing because he just kept flying with it and I would fix it later but as long as he is enjoying it I won’t really tell him off. I was very happy that he was always looking for me and wants to play with me, you could say I love his attention and his mischevious tendencies do entertain me.

Through all this I would play with my niece as much as possible as well and its funny seeing children a bit jealous but you could tell the children do love each other. When we would clap for the children during a song my nephew would jump and down, and my niece move side to side. Then taking them around in a little plastic car and pushing them is really enteratining for them, and I tend to have my own driving tactics when pushing them. Then when my nephew sees the motorcycle magazines he says “Big Bicycle” which I find to be funny. It brightens my days when the kids are around, next time move breakable items away!