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Review: Justice League Unlimited


Justice League Unlimited continues where Justice League left off, and since they producers were successful with the Justice League they were going to expand and experiment with this series. In this part of the series the Justice League has increased in size to incorporate many superheroes of different talents, the original seven are referred to as the “founding members”. This series is different then the original in that there is a developing plot line followed throughout the whole series of the Justice League dealing with a secret government agency called Project Cadmus. And then later on they are faced with the League of Doom. And you get to see the darker sides of many of the members and what could really happen with them. Its a fantastic addition to the Justice League series, you get to see different parts of Superman and the Green Lantern. They also go into episodes with different superheroes to develop the plot line even more of an underlying power. The best part is their involvement of different superheroes that you get an understanding of their background and the roles they play in the JLU Universe. For those who even remotely like Justice League I really recommend this series, I really couldn’t get enough and I wish there more. The ending was good but I was hoping they would continue the series.


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