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Al Ghadeer – Found It!


This started off as a normal night during the week and email frenzy was going around in this group of messages. I was sitting in front of the PC so I was shooting short replys as well as whatever was on my mind, didn’t really matter what the subject matter was. I was just typing away, and I mentioned that I wanted a good shawarma place and I was too damn lazy to go anywhere far. Then 5 minutes later I got phone call from my friend asking if I wanted to go to this one place in Salwa, he knew how to get to it. I have been hearing about it for years but never finding the damn place since you have to take a lot of damn side streets in Salwa to find it.


I went downstairs waiting for him to pick me up to go to this rumor of place. He picked me up, and we were on our way and enjoying the nice cool night weather on the way there. As we got to the area we came to the conclusion that it wasn’t on the street that we thought it was, and I didn’t have a clue really. We kept circling around to the point I think people thought were stalking the neighborhood. It was a hilarious adventure of phone calls, and directions which didn’t get any results until one friend told us the street number which we found. And we drove straight down, and we found it! It felt like find the Holy Grail, we hit the jackpot and we were damn hungry! You could smell the kababs and chicken shawarma from the parking lot.


As soon as went down we kept the order simple.

Kabab – Qty 4

  • No Tomatoes
  • Extra Sauce

Chicken Shawarma – Qty 4

  • No Pickles
  • Extra Sauce

We are two guys who were hungry so this was nothing for us! And I have to say the Chicken was ok, but the Kabab was fantastic and I will be repeating very soon. It was well worth the search and an enjoyable mini-adventure.