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Review: Knocked Up


This is a movie I have been waiting for a while, and it was worth the wait. This movie is directed by Jude Apatow the same person that directed 40 Year Old Virgin. The movie revolves around Ben Stone, and Allison Scott both living in Los Angeles for different reasons. Allison has an up and coming career in the media industry while Ben is trying to start up a porno website out of an apartment that he is sharing with four of his friends. It would be statistically impossible for these people to meet, but they end up meeting at a Night Club and it seemed that it was going to be a one night stand but turned out more then that. They both went their ways until Allison started feeling sick and realized something was up. The laughs in this movie starts from the introduction of the movie all the way to the end, the laughs are all natural and entertaining. Its just one laugh after the other, and the characters in the movie complement the main characters perfectly. By the time the movie is done you realized you were laughing the whole way through, just a great movie.


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