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Halo 3 – XBox Live


This is the only game worth playing on XBox 360, and if you don’t own one you should buy it just to play the game. Everyone knew that the game was going to be fantastic and enjoyable without any doubt since they put a lot of effort into the development and they kept delaying the launch to make sure everything was perfect. I couldn’t even believe that we were getting close to September 25th without any delay anouncements yet.

I even managed to get the game before it was launched to enjoy it in its entirity, but even when playing it I’m still amazed at the graphics and gameplay, and the ability to interact with the environment and all the new weapons and machines. Just so much to try and do, I know I’m going to replay the whole game at least three times with increasing difficulty since I want to see how difficult it can get and I also want to explore the areas even more.

The one part which I didn’t expect to be as good as it is was the multiplayer gaming, its nothing short of fantastic. I haven’t played a game this entertainging on multiplayer since Starcraft and Command & Conquer from the early days. The sheer enjoyment and smile I get from winning a round with other players and not knowing anything of them is just fantastic. At some points there are over 900’000 players online on Halo 3 multiplayer and there is a map at the multiplayer start screen showing where the majority are from, 80% are from the US and Europe, and the other 20% is the rest of the world. XBox hit the mark with XBox Live and its paying off now, and you can even enjoy all the game play with your friends, they have managed to work 99% of all the bugs from it which is great. The funny part is that any of my friends that I find online are only playing Halo 3, and it seems the only game worth playing at the moment.