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House Drivers


I always have this tendency when I’m driving to get ahead or move away from traffic if I can, and if I can’t I go with the flow. I’m an aggressive driver but I make sure not to endanger the people around me like idiots especially in the mornings when there are families or drivers taking the kids to school. I don’t really worry about myself as much as I worry about doing something stupid that could injure a kid or do something worse. Even if I’m in a hurry I try to find a way around just to minimize the risk of something bad happening. I get really pissed off at these drivers that think they are McLaren on the damn road and they do something that causes this car full of kids to swerve or become scared. I chase after them sometimes and get in their way to see what they would do, at that point sometimes I become overly aggressive. It isn’t always the best solution but I do get worked up.

Now the when it comes to drivers its a different issue, some families trust drivers with their kids unconditionally. You don’t really know what the driver is doing until you see what they do, and when it is to do with my family I tend to grill the driver or to do other things to check them. I would make sure they know what are the parameters of what they can do when driving with the kids and what they can do, and also the consequences of anything stupid they do. I’m a fireball when it comes to kids, and I’m even worse when it has to do with my families kids, be it niece, nephew, cousin, or friends child. I’m just as protective, and I rarely get angry but when it comes to them my blood boils and all I want to do is rip the guys’ throat out if he does something stupid to put them in danger.

(This is a bit long)

What got me going was basically an incident that took place a yesterday, I was driving back home to work and I was only a couple of kilometers away. There was one light left until the road is clear all the way home. I was driving faster then the crowd as usual and I’m in the middle lane. It is a three lane wide road and I see a minivan to my right going faster then me and the light was red. I was going 120 kph in a 80 kph so I was wondering how fast that guy was going to catch up with me and then he was breaking hard. I thought nothing of it since he could do as he wants, we are the first cars to the light. I stopped just at the light, and this guy was braking hard but he passed the light a bit and I suddenly saw kids in the back seat of the minivan fall off and their nanny’s acting as if nothing happened. I went ballistic, I put down my window and started shouting at the guy. I got out of my car at the point and the light just got red so I knew I had a lot of time, I told the driver to get out and I started shouting at him. One kid bumped her head and she was holding where she bumped it, the other child in the back managed to avoid getting hurt. The driver was saying sorry, and I said that wasn’t good enough. I told him drive home, I don’t care if this has nothing to do with me I was pissed and felt that something else had to be done. He was scared to death and I knew it, he was lucky I didn’t kill him right then and there, his apologizes were so insincere and I could feel he just wanted to get out of trouble. I made him drive home while I followed him, the kids were afraid of me as well but I told them t go inside the house and I told the nannies to tell the father to come out. I kept the driver outside waiting next to me, he couldn’t even look me in the eye. The man came out and he was in his mid-thirties and he saw his driver standing next to me, he said “khair okhooy?” basically meaning “is something wrong?”

Then I thanked him for coming out and I was so outraged by what the driver did that I couldn’t just let it be. I gave him the exact breakdown of what happened less then 1 kilometer away from his home. I told him this is all I can do as concerned person because I saw what happened to his children, it is up to him to do what he sees fit. He thanked me, but I was still boiling, if it was my kids I don’t even know what my reaction would be. The one thing I’m happy about is I could see that what I said had a reaction in him, and I could see it in his eyes. What ever punishment he sees fit is none of my business at this point, I even think I went into someone else’s business but I couldn’t just let that type of situation go like that. I know that if he wasn’t someone who had some good sense they could have been rude to me one way or another, but that was a risk I was willing to take. The only funny part was that I didn’t ask for his name and I didn’t for his, but the little girl’s name who hurt herself was Farah and she had a cute smile.