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This series revolves around Dexter who is a forensic analyst for the Miami-Dade Police Department. Unknowing to his colleagues he is also a serial killer with good intentions. This show was developed by Showtime, and as soon as things start developing you notice the amazing character that is Dexter. Dexter only murders people that deserve to die, and he only does that after he has gathered all the evidence to justify their death. He was taught all the rules of his actions by his stepfather, and he was taught the logic and ethics behind all his actions. Dexter himself is a complex and amazing character just to follow his thoughts, the first seas ended and now they are beginning the second season. Its an amazing show with a fantastic plot line and great characters, and the great part is seeing the dark humor in this show.


Link: Showtime Dexter


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  1. Great storyline… AND he’s hot lol

  2. Just finished season 1 a few days back. Pretty good! Downloaded the first few episodes to seaon 2 now.

  3. I love it! Miami-dade police department sounds so wrong.. I saw the first two ep of season 2 pre-air.. I’m waiting for ep 3! too long to wait, its really going to kick butt!!

  4. its a good show and a smart idea.. well have you seen weeds? I didnt get into it? I thought they were trying to get us to like a single woman who sells weed to raise her kids… wasnt all that… But Dexter is much better

  5. I heard so many people praise Dexter, It’s on my to-watch list :)

  6. Fhaid

    Dexter is awesome, one of the best shows on TV, and the smartest!
    ShowTime’s shows are always mind-blowing, because they don’t censor as much as other tv channels, so it’s more believable and had Dexter been on any other channel there’d be less gore and more talk. Oh and season two’s second episode’s cliff hanger was seriously brilliant! can’t wait for the 3rd episode to show, it’s been a long time since the leakage of the pre-aired episodes
    Weeds too is one of the best shows out there!

  7. There is just no time to add a new series maybe after the semester is over …

  8. Swair: Fantastic storyline!

    sabah: I started dling season 2 as well!

    N: lol! I can’t wait to start watching it again!

    Ansam: Dexter is fantastic and should be seen because he is so damn good!

    MEANBOY: Start watching! lol!

    Fhaid: Sweet, this is going to be good! I haven’t watched weeds yet but I’m about to start!

    Laialy: Watch it… waattccchhh it!! lol!

  9. lol Marzouq, I don’t have the time!!! I’m watching like a thousand tv shows at the moment, and reruns of my favourite old shows.

  10. MEANBOY: Forget the reruns, try the new shows! Keep the reruns for later!

  11. Tartooob

    Best show ever :)

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  13. missiec

    I LOVE DEXTER! ITS THE BEST SHOW EVA! And dexter is pretty hot to! Lol

  14. Crime Fan

    enough typos in your review mate, only joshin ya, but it is his foster father ain’t it who taught him why and how to kill, but only cause he was compelled to kill by his “Dark Passenger”. Dexter Rocks!

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