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Bike Comparison

I have ridden and owned a lot of bikes over the years and I can still remember the feel of each machine. And I remember why I loved each and every one of them, each machine is unique and has its own character so I decided to rank them against each other even though some are different kinds of machines, but for each machine I say what are the likes and dislikes of each.

My Ranking:


07 Ducati 1098s

  • Fantastic power delivery, you feel the grunt form the bottom, great handling and brakes


05 Yamaha R1

  • Fantastic machine, it was a little tamer with a solid feel to it but it was a bit lacking on power but very enjoyable


07 Yamaha R1

  • A different creature from Yamaha, they have improved in the handling and top end power, but the low end really feels missing, and fantastic breaks


06 BMW K1200R

  • Lots of low end grunt all through to the top, good power delivery, handles its’ weight great


01 Yamaha R1

  • One hell of machine, it took all your strength to keep the front wheel on the ground. So much attitude, I loved it


06 Triumph Daytona Speed Triple 675

  • Great low end power and handling, the finish is a bit lacking but still a very fun bike


04 Yamaha FZ6

  • Great bike to learn on but lacking in power delivery and handling, forks and brakes needed to be upgraded to be more enjoyable