Knox Back Protector


Since we are going back into riding season I have a few recommendations for gear. Just wearing the protective gear is good to a certain extent, getting a back protector helps deflect damage from your spine upon impact. This type of protection helps decrease the possibility of extreme damage to your back, it can only lower the risk. This type of protection is important, and when I have mine on it feels nice and comfortable when I’m riding.

I have gotten my armor from Knox since they specialize their equipment for fast riders and exceed all regulatory levels of testing. They have their own level of testing so this the product I would recommend.

Price: £99.99

Link: Planet Knox

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  1. Great looking item, unfortunately not much of a thing on a Harley.

  2. Is this general purpose? Can it be used for weight-lifting?

  3. i need a backprotector but was thinking of getting the one that fits in my jacket

  4. I’ve always wondered, doesn’t you posture hurt your back after a while of riding?

  5. JoJo

    Most suppliers of high quality motorcycle protective gear provide a a back protector incert that fits into the jacket.Usualy comes with the jacket or can be purchased seperately . I got mine from TriStar that carries the highest quality in protective gear made by Dainese & BMW.

    Hellraiser, even if you ride a Harley it is worth to protect your back cause accidents do not diffrentiate with bikes !! Even harley now sells jackets with built-in back,shoulder & elbow protectors.

    Safe Ridding to all

  6. the question marzouq is, IS IT bullet proof?

  7. Hellraiser: Its under your jacket!!

    3baid: Nope, its for impact protection when you fall off a bike, not for weight lifting!

    Mark: Those are good as well!

    Laialy: nope, because your hips are raised up and you can adjust your posture after a while. But you do get tired after a while!

    JoJo: You are correct regarding the highquality items from Dainese and BMW, but Knox is specialized only for armor protection under the items. And there are a few others, what I have noticed is that CE certified doesn’t necessarily mean that its that good because the standards aren’t that high.

    N: loooool, I was wondering when that would be coming! Nope it isn’t!

  8. Was it you last night on the gulf road around 12 something or a bit after it ? coz i saw a guy with a red bike (im no expert) and the same back thingy . but the cool thing was the black helmet.. so was it you ?

  9. Linus: it wasn’t me! I was on my black bike, not the red one this time!

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