I have to the conclusion that 8 out 10 guys in Kuwait smoke and it drives me nuts. I go to another work place at night since we are getting some business off the ground. That is taking a lot of work, number crunching, paper work, talking to people, and organizing details. I had my role and the other guys had theirs but at the same time we are all interacting with customers. Some of them are friends, and some are friends of friends, but they are all still customers so you have to put up with a lot of things.

I previously wanted to make the environment no smoking, but I realized from day one that would be impossible and everybody smokes. I told them that I hate the smoke, but that didn’t even stop them. I’m thinking about getting a mask because it really is driving me nuts, I can’t stand smoke. They think I’m laughing now, but at one point I’m going to pull a fire extinguisher on them and it isn’t nice to be on the receiving end of one of them. The bad part is I know it affects me more then it does the smokers since I have been a non-smoker all my life. A gas mask will be added to the next list of supplies for myself.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Before I didn’t mind the smoke because at home my dad is a heavy HEAVY did I mention HEAVY smoker. But now that I am used to the clean air I can’t take it anymore and I know it bothers him that I make such a huge deal about it … but I just have no tolerance for the smell of smoke anymore it gives me headaches

  2. How about putting up a non-smoking sign? Or, you could lie and tell them you happen to be allergic to ciggy smoke. If they happen to be close friends and know the truth, then just say you’ve recently developed this allergy.

    Best thing you can do though, is be honest. Tell them that it bothers you. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind co-operating. If they do, though, you could say that smoking is the “nails on their coffins” (morbid, I know, but so true) and you would appreciate it if they wouldn’t seal your fate with them as well, especially since you don’t partake.

    Obviously, all of the above is meant to be said very tactfully but I’m tact-less so you’re on your own. Either way, just trying to help. Was I helpful? Yes? No? … I keed! I keed! :P

  3. “I’m going to pull a fire extinguisher on them and it isn’t nice to be on the receiving end of one of them.”

    Hmmm.. been there, done that? :p

  4. moocherx

    I’ve found people in this region particularly inconsiderate with regard to smoking (but not solely with regard to this!). I have to avoid a number of restaurants because of this, particularly as cigarette smoke is one of my allergy triggers.

  5. I have lived an a smoking free environment all my life.. My family have few members that are casual smokers… but at work, I work with so many smokers.. I sneeze, my eye tears and more. So on your order list, add a mask for me too :-P

  6. Laialy: Exactly once you get used to the clean air it becomes horrible to smell the stench of smoke!!!

    DnG: You are in Kuwait, a smoke sign means nothing. And I would have had a heart attack if I had any allergies from this amount of smoke being smoked. I told them it drives me nuts, and my eyes starts watering but I shall figure out some of the details in due time. looooool!

    Swair: I’m going to cause pain! lol!

    moocherx: Any countries which allow smoking indoors it becomes difficult and drives me nuts. They don’t have the right ventilation system to keep the air clean!

    Ansam: loooool! 2 Masks!

  7. u should make it a smoke free environment
    if people want to smoke they should go outside in the ru6ooba!

  8. I agree with eshda3wa build a shed outside with no ventilation or just mark a place a spot in front of the building for them to smoke and kill themselves slowly. Isn’t enough that our bodies deal with the filthy air that we breathe polluted with all kinds of gases, give it a fighting chance. That’s why I love Ramadan, one month of non-smoking, although you can still smell the 11 month smoke residue in their offices. Nevertheless, non-smoking is one of Ramadan perks. Too bad it’ll be over pretty soon.

  9. Just start smoking .. it will make your life (and those around you) much simpler.

  10. yeah tell me about it! its even worse at work when u have muraj3een smokin.. at a HOSPITAL! ow ween? in the wards where sick ppl are sleepin needing every bit of clean oxgenated air!

  11. agree with you. thank god we have ISO and No smoking at work. I hate it the most in Dewaniyas

  12. Somers would not quit if you ask them too so.
    – Dedicate a smoking room with enough ventilation
    – ask them that if they wanna smoke to do it outside
    – tell them you used to be an ex smoker and your going to have to undergo chemo soon if your not in a ciggerate free zone
    – most smokers I know are considerate if you ask them to stop smoking around you and provide an alternative they will just dont give them the your ruining my air emo talk or they would smoke more around you just to piss you off

    and btw all smokers know the risks telling them morbid horror stories and showing them how their lung looks like wont stop them but encourage them. we are in kuwait shit like that dont work only makes it worse for example take that sign on the bridge that calculates how fast your going on fahaheel road next to subah alsalem. Normal people see it they like oh shit i;m goin too fast. on the other hand kuwaiti people see it they go I’ma break the top score

  13. moocherx

    or…. FART a lot. I mean like, eat 5lbs of Brussels Sprouts the night before kind of farts. And if any of the smokers complain, cut a deal.

  14. I sort of agree with TAT most smokers will comply if you ask them to stop, the thing is they start right back after you leave them for a while.

    I hate cigs smoked around me because I’m an x-smoker, and well, that’s all.

  15. eshda3wa: That is not possible in this type of enviroment, its not a corporate environment so you can’t do it that easily and ten there are customers.

    maryam: It sounds like its a simple situation, but its not that simple!! lol! You guys want me to lock out the main people and the customers!!

    K: Hell NO! lol!

    jiji: Your kidding me! At the hospital! They are smoking in the wards? I thought it was banned to smoke in hospitals!

    Abdullah: ISO is important which we have in our work during the day, but in the other type of business ISO has no meaning! I know some Dewaneyas which are non-smoking.

    TAT: There is a lot of ventilation and a dedicated room but these guys smoke everywhere! The problem is that most of these smokers are people I know so its difficult making them not smoke. EXACTLY that bridge is like breaking the top score, people just go faster which is hilarious, only happens in Kuwait.

    moocherx: That wont work either!! looool!

    N: Its difficult to make them do that really, but I have a plan in mind! For me I hate the smell and even when the ventilation is strong its difficult to deal with!

  16. Install one of those smoking glass rooms within your working facility. During their smoke break, lock them all in and the fun begins lol

  17. am not kiddin.. it sure is banned! but who am i to talk to a 3qeedy lookin fella who has no respect for me since am a grl! the white coat means nothin to them ;p

  18. K: So Do I!

    Sushi: yeah, i don’t think this facility could have one of those glass things, it would break right away. There are machines that would break it just from the vibration!

    jiji: I know its banned, but I can’t believe these idiots are smoking! If I were you I would put the 3qeedy with out with some Chlorofoam.. you know the white coat and all.. Wala 7amyarah, alah ekoon ib 3oonich!

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