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Sony NAS-50HDE


Most electronics has advanced greatly in one way or another over the past 5 years. The only piece of technology that I have seen remain at the same level which it has before is HiFi stereos. They have made a few modifications but nothing to show a trend in stereo products changing, but Sony has taken a step in that direction to make a very full featured HiFi Stereo.


  • Full color screen for a fantastic user interface
  • 80 GB HDD and can store all music in MP3, Atrac3, and PCM format
  • Can rip music from CDs, MDs, Tapes, LPs, and Radio to MP3
  • Can connect by USB to a Thumbstick, MP3 Player (Sony/iPod/or Other)
  • Can download album information from the net when connected by wireless optional adapter

They have said the speakers are a bit lacking but the rest of this machine packs more features then any HiFi set in this price range. Who wouldn’t want to get their hands on this machine as a stereo and music storage. Just start ripping all your music automatically to the HDD and then transfer it out.

Price: £499