Flipped On Highway


When leaving work I take different routes home depending if I have anything to do or if I see traffic. One of those routes is the fifth ring road, and as soon as I got on to it from the Malik Faisal Expressway I could see traffic wasn’t moving and I was wondering what exactly was going on. Then as I was approaching the end of the exit about 50 meters from the merge point I could see a car on its side in one direction and another car crashed into the barrier. I don’t know what exactly could have happened but I think one car may have flipped over the barrier, I’m just hoping that everyone survived and there were no fatal injuries. It seems it just happened because there weren’t any cops on the road and I could see them approaching, people were trying to help but I had no clue what was going on.


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  1. I get goosebumps when I see accidents like this :/ 5th ring road is a deadly highway on normal days, let alone birmo’6an. Allah ya7fi’6ik ya rab.

  2. I too passed by at the same time , cops were there and two ambulances , I saw an injured elderly [ who could walk , which is amazing given the type of accident] board in to the ambulanc , but people never learn , i saw idiots speeding immidietly after the accident spot

  3. Purgatory72

    SO what do you do, stop your car and then take your camera nd take pics causing more traffic?

  4. 3baid: alah ekoon ib 3oonhum.

    Laialy: alah ekoon ib 3oonhum.

    Missy: All the highways in Kuwait are good, the problem is the people. They have no concept of what the car can and can’t do.

    Ra7aLaH: inshalla.

    GreY: Your right a lot of people are idiots, and nobody knows how to direct traffic so that they move.

    eshda3wa: inshalla, I didn’t see anything since I moved quickly.

    Very.Q8ya: Inshalla

    Purg: Nope, I have a quick camera, so I took a picture as I was moving, didn’t stop as you can tell from the pictures.

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