I have huge piles of motorcycle, off-road, computer, and technology magazines that I haven’t read over the past couple of months. I also find it very hard to throw away old magazines that might have reviews or technical information that I find useful. This doesn’t include the piles of CDs, Books, and DVDs that I have, but the magazines have been going overboard. Recently I decided to sit down and flip through magazines to really see why I’m keeping them. Over the past few days I have gotten rid of at least 17 magazines which is pretty good to start with.

If I find some article or items that they have reviewed that I would like to keep, I would go online find the same information and bookmark it for later reference and then I get rid of that said magazine. Things are cleaning up but I have ways to go, and I think during this vacation I will do a lot of in room cleaning and storage. I need reorganize all the mini piles I have all over the room, and get rid of all the CDs that I can digitize but for now I’m going through the magazines.

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  1. God I’m in that same situation, I try to mentally block the pile view every time I step in to the room, let us know, if possible, on average the rate of time verses pile quantity, just to get motivate it to start cleaning things up!!

  2. Get the digital issue of your favorite magazine . That way, you’ll have them on your computers hard drive instead on collecting piles of paper . There are some sites that provide digital copies of most famous magazines . Try . you’ll feel as if you are flipping through a real magazine , with quick links to web pages and sites straight from the magazine page .

  3. Good luck, it will be satisfying once you get everything cleaned up

  4. Oryx: I know its just a pile, one after the other. I’m going through the magazines and slowly getting ride of them!

    Annonymous: saw that when it happened!

    G-Funk: The problem is a lot of the publications I like aren’t available through digital download.I have had zinio from about 4 years ago when they first started. They didn’t have that much but I think now they have a larger selection.

    Laialy: Thanks! Just over the weekend!

    Ra7aLaH: I did before, and I think I will use it again now.

  5. I face the same with my pilled magazines, with the new books shelfs i got i realized i MUST keep the must haves, instead of keeping a book mark of articles “the smart easy automated way” i chose to keep the papers in a BIG white file :D equiped with those plastic covers ;p for each page, it gave me a feeling am doing a big collage image except its more organized in a file :D

    am writing those lines & seeing them in front of me, the problem is am the attached type! but important things are the only ones that must remain :D

  6. Q80-ChillGirl: Its like have a big file of everything you liked, I was thinking of doing that, but bookmarks of products and articles online then I tear if I can’t find it online. I know what you mean, I don’t want to get rid of anything but it was getting too damn messy!

  7. You know, it works out for me because its mostly pictures not articles, i once took a course where the instructor advised us to keep up ANY idea written, you never know when will it be handy for you, its almost the same but with my fashion magazines its the styles, color combinations & trends that i keep, the ones that i feel one day will be handy :D although i do have a folder in the pc with the pieces i like/ fashion shows u name it, still keeping a hard copy is fun :D

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