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I have huge piles of motorcycle, off-road, computer, and technology magazines that I haven’t read over the past couple of months. I also find it very hard to throw away old magazines that might have reviews or technical information that I find useful. This doesn’t include the piles of CDs, Books, and DVDs that I have, but the magazines have been going overboard. Recently I decided to sit down and flip through magazines to really see why I’m keeping them. Over the past few days I have gotten rid of at least 17 magazines which is pretty good to start with.

If I find some article or items that they have reviewed that I would like to keep, I would go online find the same information and bookmark it for later reference and then I get rid of that said magazine. Things are cleaning up but I have ways to go, and I think during this vacation I will do a lot of in room cleaning and storage. I need reorganize all the mini piles I have all over the room, and get rid of all the CDs that I can digitize but for now I’m going through the magazines.