For a unique machine Exile Cycles built the RX-StreetFighter for the biker build-off in 2006, and this machine is currently on sale on any consumer for a hefty price. It is a very unique looking machine with exquisite craftsmanship to make this machine. If you like carbon fiber then you can only love this machine and its unique appearance. This kind of work comes with a price tag to match.



  • Carbon Fiber:
    • Wheels
    • Fenders
    • Gas Tank
    • Air Cleaner
    • Points Cover
    • Belt Guards
    • Muffler
    • Side-Panels
    • Belt Piece
  • Engine Jims 120 Twin-Cam coupled to their 6-Speed Transmission

Price $65’000

Link: Exile Cycles




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  1. It looks kinda designer-ish.. not very nice, its supposed to look rugged!

  2. Why is the wheel so fat??!! It looks like it’s a piece of charcoal, or a bike that’s burned with soot all over :P It looks really cool.

  3. Used to like Exile products, till I saw Russels attitude on TV, very unprofessional, cocky individual needless to say he was taken off the air by Discovery. The bike breaks no new boundaries, their are plenty of buiders outthere capable of putting a meaner looking machine than Exile.

  4. Carlsb3rg

    marzouq, have u seen the new 4-wheel motorscyle suzuki?

  5. N: Really, I think it looks a bit rugged!

    Sushi: looool! Its meant to be that way because of the way the bike rides!

    Hellraiser: I saw the buildoff and I remember this guy, the thing is a lot of the builders do have attitude problems which is really annoying. Nothing can be done about it. Like you said though there are a lot of other builders out there.

    Carlsb3rg: Yeah I have seen it, its just not the same!!! lol!

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