Elite Sniper Custom – WG65


The WG-65 RIS Elite Tactical Custom is an ultimate tactical assault marker. It starts with a WG-65 RIS and adds an Elite Sight Rail, Red Dot, Laser Sight and Barrel Extension, adding up to one of the most formidable tactical markers to come along.

This probably looks like a real weapon, I thought it was but its the ultimate paintball gun. It will nail whatever your targeting plus make Rambo jealous. I would snipe people from my roof wearing beige camouflage, who said playing soldier isn’t fun. The funny part is they call it a tactical marker and not a paint ball gun, I have feeling it would make a whole if it needs to!


Link: Armotech

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. SoS

    wow! thats a cool like toy,would love to get my hands on it.

  2. I can picture myself with it. Roof tops, corridors,… me getting even without actually killing, only paint smudges. That’s fair :D You know, I can claim this as a birthday present ;P

  3. Laialy: Looks it!!

    SoS: looool! Who wouldn’t!

    maryam: That would be a nice brithday present, let me give you an idea. Its really powerful and can cut you on impact if your close, so in corridors you would be taking people out for sure.

  4. this gun is cool i got one myself so much fun

  5. Shuk

    Wat a attractive marker it looks so real cant wait 2 gt ma hands on 1. Then ill just need to SCREAM AIM AND FIRE!!!

  6. dazz: Good you enjoy it!

    Skuk: hahaha! Nice

  7. James

    i have this marker. it is for one amazing, but you cant use it unrestricted at paintball places such as delta froce or ambush. the police would mostlikly shoot you on site if they saw u with it. due to the no red marker tip ( used by all airsoft guns )

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