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Garage Mahals


How cool is this, I think this is every man’s dream to have the perfect garage. I know I’m happy with my garage but I could think of a few improvements here and there to make so that it would look more like a clean showroom then anythin else. That is what men want, some where to store and display their toys and knowing that they are kept safe.


Garage Mahals are fabricators and designers of the nicest garages I have seen, what they do can be done but they design the garage around your needs with lots of customizations available. The normal garage with a clean installation and special lighting starts at $20’000 and they have other packages that can go up to $260’000 depending on the size of your garage. There are different classes to choose from such as The Collector Class, Supreme Class, and The Empire Class.


Some features in one of the classes:

  • GarageMahals creative and detailed design services.
  • All items of the Collector Class GarageMahal.
  • A moderate amount of custom fixtures and facades to create a themed environment.
  • Commercial/Professional grade metal cabinetry.
  • Custom control panels
  • Heating and air conditioning

They charge per sqaure foot and it starts at $50 per sq-ft, $75 per sq-ft, and up to $125 per sq-ft depending on what you want for the options. I’m hoping one day that I would be able to get a garage like that and enjoy the cleanliness of it as well as having all the tools to make the modifications I would like.

Link: Garage Mahal