Keifer Sutherland ≠ Jack Bauer


It seems Sutherland has been caught driving drunk again which is another issue for him. The one thing I liked about the way he handled it is taking full responsibility for all his actions as well as going to jail for the full period that was specified by the judge. Also Jack Bauer will make sure he will serve his jail time in full, one fact people don’t realize except for those in the know, Jack Bauer is not Sutherland, and Sutherland is not Jack Bauer.

Link: CNN


Due to this I will be purchasing this T-Shirt which requires no explanation. They have a lot of funny t-shirts from lots of movies and internet chatting trends.

Link: Chargrilled

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  1. Sutherland = Jack Butter

    No Sutherland, No Butter

    Sutherland in Jail = No 24

    Unless the show ended?

  2. I love Jack Bauer :-P heehee and that T Shirt is AWESOME! I will either buy it or make one. Its hilarious

  3. Sushi: You are wrong, like I said! Your not in the know!

    Laialy: I will be purchasing a tactical weapon to rectify your statement!

    3baid: yup!

    Ansam: Well done!

  4. That’s why Jack is fictional… shshshhshss ma7ad sema3 or heard or whatever… I love Jack !!!!

  5. DiiGMaa: I’m getting that tactical weapon and your my first target!

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