Ahrend 750 Office Furniture


Now this is one funky piece of furniture with integrated technology. I wonder how long it would take to brake it because a lot of people are going to play around with the controls of the table. The main feature of this office furniture is that the tables are all high adjustable, and they can be adjust to different hieghts for each section. In a modern office this can workout very nicely or in a high end library of some sorts. There isn’t a price mentioned since they custom make them to your specifications, but I’m also assuming it isn’t going to be cheap at all.

Link: OhGhizmo

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  1. Hmm… looks nice but am not sure if I wanna see my colleagues all the time! No privacy at all..

  2. i wonder if it runs on kahraba or batteries !!! we have so much stuff already plugged in
    this desk needs to add more functions the adjusting its hight might not be enough

  3. chika: Its an open office type enviroment!

    K: The only thing needed!

    Laialy: Kahraba for sure! It would be great to have the power coming from the desk to power the equipment, an all in one type thing!

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