Eid Frenzy


First off Eid Mubarak people.

This really only happens in Eid, everyone goes into a frenzy doing something. I found out it was Eid from my barber, he gave me a call telling me it was Eid tomorrow and to come by asap. It was 6:40pm, and I waited for prayer before heading out around 7:10pm on the bike over to the barber. The streets were insane, I thought it would be relatively empty like the days during Ramadan. The traffic would start usually around 8:00pm but I was mistaken and there was lots of traffic.

I was really enjoying myself during this ride with the cool weather but everyone was just insane. I could tell at least 30 – 40 cars were squeezing the middle lane on purpose so that I couldn’t get through and it was really annoying me but I was thinking let me get through this traffic calmly and then I take off from all these idiots.

I got to the barber and I had two cold 7-ups because it felt damn good to drink a cold drink. Really hit the spot, and my barber had so many customers. Because its one day early everyone wanted to be fresh for the next day, I didn’t really mind but he told me to come by since he won’t be sleeping because of so many appointments. I got a quick shave and cut, 13 mins I was out and ready to go! Now that was quick, 3 min head shave and 10 min work on the goatee, and I found that to be funny.

What a start to the Eid weekend, I’m just happy I could take a break from work for a little while. But I have a feeling that something is going to creep up on me. That aside this is going to be a nice Eid vacation and the weather is getting nicer which is good.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Carlsb3rg

    wait hours in traffic for a shave… gone are the men who shave by themselves ;P ;P

  2. Eid Mubarak ;D

    As if people really need an excuse to crazy driving! I actually thought about going out to get me some mushroom soup but decided otherwise, hmm, guess that was a good call.

    Have a nice Eid holiday to you all :D

  3. 3eedik imbarak

    inta wain 3aysh?!
    min wain yaak cool weather?
    laish 3ndy ana er6oobah moo 6abe3iya
    baye askin 3ndikom

  4. have u seen the streets where co-ops r at? its insane! in my area the street was justl blocked! i had to park the car at a distant and walked 10 mins to go n get a greeting card!

    akhaaf bs mataw yo3 bermuthan! elly min bida wehma khamaw eljm3eyat,, ow min khallas ham khamoha! LOL

  5. kil 3am o int ibkhair… 3eedek embarak (to u & ur nephew) ;)

  6. Sin

    3eedik embarak!!

  7. Eid mubarak have a good one and drive safe!

  8. jewaira

    Na3eeman..the way you describe your visits to the barber truly conveys your sense of relief at being groomed.
    Eidik Mbarak and enjoy your holiday

  9. Carlsb3rg: You only appreciate the luxuries you have when you don’t have it! And since going to the states I appreciate having a barber to go to! Its a fantastic experience!

    chika: O entay ib khair!

    maryam: Its good you stayed home, it was nuts!

    eshda3wa: ayamich sa3eeda, looool! I love it when there is a cool breeze I don’t care if its humid! lol!

    Ms. D: They are all insane, everyone flooded the coops! loooool!

    Laialy: Thanks!!

    Sin: ayamik sa3eeda!

    Amjad: ayamik sa3eeda!

    Amer: Will do!!

    Jacqui: Alah yin3am 3alaich, o 3eedich Emabarak!

    jewaira: Cleaning up the goattee is the best part, it feels so clean and smooth I love that! Its like saving up for something!! It never gets old! Ayamich Sa3eeda!

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