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Eid Frenzy


First off Eid Mubarak people.

This really only happens in Eid, everyone goes into a frenzy doing something. I found out it was Eid from my barber, he gave me a call telling me it was Eid tomorrow and to come by asap. It was 6:40pm, and I waited for prayer before heading out around 7:10pm on the bike over to the barber. The streets were insane, I thought it would be relatively empty like the days during Ramadan. The traffic would start usually around 8:00pm but I was mistaken and there was lots of traffic.

I was really enjoying myself during this ride with the cool weather but everyone was just insane. I could tell at least 30 – 40 cars were squeezing the middle lane on purpose so that I couldn’t get through and it was really annoying me but I was thinking let me get through this traffic calmly and then I take off from all these idiots.

I got to the barber and I had two cold 7-ups because it felt damn good to drink a cold drink. Really hit the spot, and my barber had so many customers. Because its one day early everyone wanted to be fresh for the next day, I didn’t really mind but he told me to come by since he won’t be sleeping because of so many appointments. I got a quick shave and cut, 13 mins I was out and ready to go! Now that was quick, 3 min head shave and 10 min work on the goatee, and I found that to be funny.

What a start to the Eid weekend, I’m just happy I could take a break from work for a little while. But I have a feeling that something is going to creep up on me. That aside this is going to be a nice Eid vacation and the weather is getting nicer which is good.