Suzuki B-King


At last this machine has been introduced, there has been a lot of interest from people after seeing the concept version of this machine. It will be going on sale towards the end of November, and it is one hell of a machine from Suzuki. They really took their gloves off for this machine, it has aggressive styling and the suspension and engine to match the looks. This machine is going to be the most powerful naked bike on the road with the a detuned new Hayabusa Engine with 180 bhp available for your entertainment.


I was happy for a while that my K1200R was the most powerful naked bike and I knew it was only a matter of time until something more powerful comes out. Suzuki came out shooting with this machine, and they tuned the machine to concentrate on mid-range, this is just one hell of a machine. It will be selling for around $13’000 and there might be some options for it.

Link: The Kneeslider





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  1. man just check the ducati desmosedici RR… I have been drooling for some weeks now hehe.

  2. i love naked bikes,, they can do anything u want

    but with all this amount of power!! twisting the throttle will be an adrenaline pumping action

  3. I called suzuki here 2 weeks back they said they will give me a call once it arrives in kuwait but this expected time is some time in october..I am really looking forward to getting my hands on this machine…but the weight is 240+ kg….thts the only negative point I see in it..

  4. Kodder: I know! Its insane but its going to cost 20’000 KD which is insane! But worth it for that machine!

    vampire: I agree with you 100%! The adrenaline rush is just great!

    Amu: Make sure to check the warranty on it, Suzuki in Kuwait are really bad about the warranty and all those issues. The weight is not that much of an issue, they said they have put a really low center of gravity for it.

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