Review: Grindhouse Planet Terror


There was a lot hype with the Grindhouse movies from Tarantino and Rodriguez, Planet Terror was Rodriguez’s project. To start off you get this 1970s feeling from this movie, and you know from the start its going to be good. Saying that this movie is gory is an understatement. The amount of stars in this movie is fantastic, I think they got the perfect cast together to make for this action packed, zombie/mutant blowing movie. The movie starts off with different scenes of the story, you slowly get introduced to the characters and then things quickly get pieced together. Then it turns into an explosive pace with blood spewing everywhere, people being cut up, and explosions everywhere. This movie isn’t for the feint of heart, but it does feel like great with the pace and the simple storyline. I got the same feeling as I got from watching Escape From New York back in the day, a simple good fun movie.


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  1. I remember seeing the previews at the movies for this … i don’t think it got that much hype and it surely didn’t and still doesn’t interest me

  2. Well, you’re the second person that I hear about this from – I don’t like gory bloody movies bas I’d sure like to know what the buzz’s all about…

  3. Purgatory

    I watched the two movies yesterday (Axxo versions online), and I liked Planet Terror more than Death Proof, however, both are enjoyable, especially with some ribs ;p

  4. A friend of mine showed me the trailer two weeks ago, since then I was fascinated by the movie…it looks amazing.


    I absolutely loved Planet Terror, There wasn’t a single minute of boredom throught the whole movie, Unlike Death Proof, Things happened in PT. I also loved the cameos by Bruce Willis, Quentin Tarantino and Fergie.

    And the always gorgeous Ms.Rose McGowan looked delicious. She just got engaged to the Robert Rodriguez (the director of Planet Terror) I have 2 things to say, First: DAMN YOU ROBERT!!

    And second: Congrats to the happy couple.

  6. Glamorous: ayamich sa3eeda!

    Laialy: It got some underground hype!lol

    ChikaP: Its just a funky movie really! Something to enjoy!

    Purg: looool! the ribs, I got my sauce!

    Muh’d M. Mansour: Not amazing, just entertaining!

    MEANBOY: Yeah, it was some funny cameos! I’m not a Rose McGowan fan really, but she did good in the movie!

    K: lol! You think I was!

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