The tables have turned over the years, I remember growing up when the family would be giving us kids money. When we were very little we weren’t sure of the value but as growing up we really knew what we were getting. Now that I have been working for a little while I can’t help but give to the little kids. I always gave to kids that I did know and there were times there were a bunch of kids all together, and I would ask them who their parents were but I would give to all of them.

Some of those kids are so damn adorable and especially the way they dressed up. And if there are kids that are special to me I give a them a little extra. The nice part is seeing all these kids dressed up the same, you knew they were from the same family.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. :) – Allah yekheelom for their parents o et3eesh o teddi!


    Where’s my 3eedya Marzouq??? I’m still young.. at heart :P

  3. themaneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen dinar =] 3adait’hom 3adait’hom =]

    3eedik imbarak

  4. All for me?! You shouldn’t have really :P

    *snatches them away before you change your mind!*


  5. im TOTALLY adorable and cute, u should c me when i get all dressed up for 3eed ;P

  6. 3eediya! I miss it. Actually I still get it! (not as much as before) *cries*

    I don’t want to give 3eediya until I’m 60! Until I’ve made millions lool..

  7. jewaira

    Heheh Love the post AND the comments!!!

  8. ChikaP: mashkoora! :)

    MEANBOY: looool!

    Very.Q8ya: loool! 3eedich embarak!

    Jacqui: loooool!

    eshda3wa: loooool! Are you playing Dentist at 12 years old! hehehe

    The Lady Says: loooool! The moment you get a job, thats the mark!

    jewaira: Some funny comments for sure!

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