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Game Night and more


I met up with my cousin later on in the day and we had a relaxing time planned out. Our plan consisted mainly of Prison Break since we had to catch up, but that changed in our case. I showed up Halo 3 and he thought the single player was good, but then I told him lets play multiplayer. He wasn’t sure about it, but I told him he would like it. Before I knew it were playing for over an hour and he was addicted, its fantastic especially when you play on big teams of 8 vs. 8. There were some games we didn’t know what exactly how to plan it out or what the rules are but we played as we went along which was great. He got better literally exponentially (He was really bad in the beginning). It was really a hell of a lot of fun, and you could easily lose days playing that game because its so addicting.


We also managed to get a movie in and watch a few episodes of Prison Break Season 2. Since last year due to some complications we held off on finishing Prison Break but over the next couple of weeks were are going to finish it for sure. Riding by day, and gaming by night this is a nice vacation.