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After all the upgrades of the other email services I still prefer Gmail over the rest. I get too much junk mail with Yahoo, and Hotmail is difficult access because of the heavy load of the interface. The other mail services have increased their amount of space past what Gmail offers, and Yahoo offers unlimited space unlike the 3.1 GB you have with Gmail. In reality its not unlimited space, there will be a limit which can be reached but we don’t know how much it is.

With Gmail you can upgrade your amount of space based on payment, and the amounts are very decent for the amount of space. 

  • 10 GB ($20.00 USD per year) 
  • 40 GB ($75.00 USD per year)  
  • 150 GB ($250.00 USD per year)  
  • 400 GB ($500.00 USD per year) 

Right now I’m not in need of extra space, but there is an option to upgrade which is good.

At this point Gmail is upgrading all their space, so with the free account your storage will bump to 6 GB by Jan of 2008. And also the premium accounts will be upgraded so the 10 GB will become 25 GB.

Link: LifeHacker

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  1. I quit all other email providers but Gmail

  2. If you manage your emails smartly you could almost never use all of the 3.1 GB’s
    Basically get multiple accounts for different uses. 1 for forum/blog registrations 1 for personal (fun) emails, 1 personal (profitional) emails, 1 or more for storage.

    I have my own google apps domain and I can set the same thing for the remaining of my domains. So virtually you can get the email address that you want and as much as you can.

  3. Gmail is really the best there is no doubt about it. However they started with a big promise that they were not able to hold up to. Never delete an email again. For reasons beyond my control, and because Gmail is such great service, I have exceeded my 95% and had to filter out some friend emails to lower down the size consumption. At that time they offered the money for upgrade, which is a shame after their promise of never delete an email again.

    Nevertheless, I needed to upgrade and this is what happened.

    Great news however they are pushing us up to 6 GB.

  4. Laialy: The numbers are going up!

    3baid: I agree 100%!

    Jacqui: I kept the other ones for junkmail purposes!

    mishref: Its true, you just have to manage your email, i clean them out once every 4-5 months! I have the google apps domain for as well, and its great!

    Bashar: You are correct on that, but they were operating on previous experience of emails. Where you had 250 MB and those amounts. Things grew exponentionally and so did the use of people. But that is strange you had issues with the google payment system, they might need to work on it.

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