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Remember The Milk: To Do List and Task Manager


This is probably the best to-do list manager I have ever seen. I have just started using it recently and it has turned out to be even better then I hoped. They call it an Online To Do List and Task Manager, I call it a savior. It really does organize all your details and it is very easy to manage and integrate into other Google Apps. I have tried other online programs and downloadable ones but nothing comes close to this, they kept it simple with lots of features.

  • Manage Tasks from any computer or mobile
  • Get email, SMS, or IM Reminders (SMS for US only)
  • Share your tasks
  • Access from your phone
  • Manage Tasks offline
  • Use with Google Calendar
  • Add task from iGoogle
  • Its Free 

I try to organize everything in my head, but sometimes I do forget things and this makes things a lot easier. I have used it for a few days and it does keep all the information for me to remember.

Link: RememberTheMilk