Remember The Milk: To Do List and Task Manager


This is probably the best to-do list manager I have ever seen. I have just started using it recently and it has turned out to be even better then I hoped. They call it an Online To Do List and Task Manager, I call it a savior. It really does organize all your details and it is very easy to manage and integrate into other Google Apps. I have tried other online programs and downloadable ones but nothing comes close to this, they kept it simple with lots of features.

  • Manage Tasks from any computer or mobile
  • Get email, SMS, or IM Reminders (SMS for US only)
  • Share your tasks
  • Access from your phone
  • Manage Tasks offline
  • Use with Google Calendar
  • Add task from iGoogle
  • Its Free 

I try to organize everything in my head, but sometimes I do forget things and this makes things a lot easier. I have used it for a few days and it does keep all the information for me to remember.

Link: RememberTheMilk

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  1. aham shy akhir point “Its free” LOL
    zain tara mithil maa il-asamy ib-balash, 7ata il sowar ib-balash .. ya3ni ma ligaw ella sorat COW =F

  2. walla looks great specially the sms or Im reminders! :)

  3. You can almost do the same thing using Google Calender. Look for GTD (Get Things Done) services on and, they have good articles about these.

  4. I’m checking all that is recommended. Usually I use my mobile and organizer to remind me of everything! I never really liked browsing through the tiny little screen of a mobile, PSP, or any other intolerable screen&keyboard size. But I think I’ll give this an exception and check my to do list online through the mobile.

  5. i can only dream about this kinda app … i’m ganna give it a try

  6. baghee

    you dont need it ! :) you are so well organize

  7. Very.Q8ya: Of course being free is important!! O lazim COW! lol

    daloom: It is very smooth and simple to use!

    3baid: I have seen those GTDs and I have found them really annoying and not smooth. This is quiet smooth, and it makes things simple for me!

    maryam: lol! It will do the job, its very smooth and accessible trough the mobile.

    Laialy: It will do you some good, its working for me!

    baghee: I need to keep things in check, I’m getting things lost!

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