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Movies in Kuwait


This is really getting frustrating, even when you want to go see a movie in Kuwait its quite difficult. The Kiosk at Cinescape wasn’t working right and it felt like it was going crazy and trying to spit out the damn card they sell. I don’t understand why they haven’t improved the quality of the pop-corn that they have at the Cinema, the ones you buy from the Co-op or Sultan Center tastes a lot better then what they have.

There is one thing I can’t blame the theaters for doing which is separating the male’s from the families. These kids are animals to say the least and they have no manners. The ones in front of us wouldn’t shut up, and the ones behind us might have as well given us a damn massage because they kept shaking the seats.

Its also very frustrating that they are censoring the movies at this point. They should at least apply age restrictions on movies and not let these kids into R rated movies. There is no source of entertainment and they make it difficult for people to enjoy these movies when they really want to see them.