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This is really getting frustrating, even when you want to go see a movie in Kuwait its quite difficult. The Kiosk at Cinescape wasn’t working right and it felt like it was going crazy and trying to spit out the damn card they sell. I don’t understand why they haven’t improved the quality of the pop-corn that they have at the Cinema, the ones you buy from the Co-op or Sultan Center tastes a lot better then what they have.

There is one thing I can’t blame the theaters for doing which is separating the male’s from the families. These kids are animals to say the least and they have no manners. The ones in front of us wouldn’t shut up, and the ones behind us might have as well given us a damn massage because they kept shaking the seats.

Its also very frustrating that they are censoring the movies at this point. They should at least apply age restrictions on movies and not let these kids into R rated movies. There is no source of entertainment and they make it difficult for people to enjoy these movies when they really want to see them.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. everyones been posting about the movies not necessarily “the movie” cinascape better get it together .. i know when i’m home i don’t go to the movies much

  2. Same as here I cant blame them for the seperating.. and do u know that laila gelary cinema just for families now! except the vip for male’s!

  3. Carlsb3rg

    Once another competitor opens up, they will be forced to get it together.

  4. anyone going to movie theaters in kuwait to watch movies is a masochist

  5. I have a home theater, but some times i enjoy going to a movie theather , but the joy soons becomes a nightmare !

    5+ guys roaming the malls and when they had enough its always the ” shensawi el7een, yalla nro7 cinema nesta3be6 ” ! . Cinemas here if for wasting time for guys !

    But i think the 6KD ticket in the Avenues theater will attract ONLY movie fans . These guys need the other 3KD for the taxi to take them home :)

  6. well I think it’s silly to pay 6 KD to watch a movie that is all chopped up, even if you have the money for it.

    They post the age limits on the movie posters but when you go there they allow everyone, why bother with the age thing? 6 yr olds where in the recent movie I went to ‘War’!! Isn’t the too graphic for them.

    I don’t go to all the movies in the cinemas. I prefer to buy them of Hawally for 1 KD DVD quaility & uncensored.

    What’s wrong with the popcorn. I like the fresh hot caramel popcorn :D. They don’t sell it in Sultan do they?

  7. Well Zouq, It’s better off that way bas they do need to fix them damn machines! Come to think of it, whenever I book online & get those free tickets they never show up!

  8. Damon Dash

    well , if you book online in advance using you’re knet card and then use the Kiosc just to take out the tickets you wont get those error messages you get using there smart cards and you will be sure you chose the seat you like at home plus if you have an nbk card and use it you get a free ticket each time you book so why even bother buy there stupid card

    and regarding not blaming them for separating guys from families, i think thats what makes the guys so noisy if you let them sit anywhere they like just like families do you wont get all that noise from because they know they are sitting next to families not other noisy kids, that’s what they do in all gulf countries you see the all the guys behaving in cinemas and if any one makes a noise they just kick him or her out simply , thats the way it should be but if you sat guys together thats like the cinemas are telling them sit next to each other and do what ever you want because this is the guys section and you can do whatever you please , they should approach it the same way as all the gulf counties and you wont hear a peep from anyone but separating them well even make it worst

    and regarding the age enforcing thing , well that will never happened because naturally all cinemas want to sell more tickets , its not enforced in any Arab country even in countries that don’t have censorship like Lebanon kids can enter R rated movies if they buy tickets , the only reason the u.s. cinemas is enforcing the rating system because it’s enforced on them by the MPAA or theaters anywhere don’t care if you’re kids are seeing violence or kids as long as you’re baying for it.

  9. Carlsb3rg

    When it comes to popcorn, it’s all about the timing. Just wait till the next batch starts popping, and then get the caramel popcorn.

  10. The problem is there isn’t really any other option! Which is sad..

  11. “and regarding tand regarding the age enforcing thing , well that will never happened because naturally all cinemas want to sell more tickets , its not enforced in any Arab country even in countries that don’t have censorship like Lebanon kids can enter R rated movies if they buy tickets he age enforcing thing , well that will never happened because naturally all cinemas want to sell more tickets , its not enforced in any Arab country even in countries that don’t have censorship like Lebanon kids can enter R rated movies if they buy tickets ”

    Its enforced in UAE and the system works great there. 18, there are even two 15s, one with guardian and one at 15 only, PG etc

    Even the VIP seating is 18 only over there.

    The food is varied and more better there, there are different kinds of very tasty popcorn (cheese etc), the nachos is out of the world, dozens of chocolates, cola fizzes, fresh pretzels, burgers etc, all the latest food equipment from the US.

    Marzouq is right, the food here especially the popcorn and the popcorn sizes are much tastier and better value in the UAE and elsewhere – I can make better popcorn at home.

    I saw many 18 movies in UAE including THE OMEN – which was banned in Kuwait – had we a rating system here it wouldnt have been banned just rated 18 – but it has to be enforced.

    My view is the cinema company is not interested in hiring extra people to monitor and check ID’s for ages and is not prepared to lose revenue from kids walking into R rated stuff like 300 and HANNIBAL etc — because when you Rate and Enforce a rating you are effectively limiting your audience and they just want to sell tickets even if adults are uncomfortable with kids crying in R rated films, even if kids get afraid etc, even if the overall atmosphere is not enjoyable for the moviegoer.

    There should be a Rating system in Kuwait otherwise every Tom, Dick and Harry can call MOI and demand something be taken off – example, MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA or HOUSE OF WAX which was withdrawn after a few days.

  12. trust me , putting those noisy kids next to families … u gonna see headlines of incidents in the newspaper everyday, because some of them will respect themselves but others , they have the guts to flirt with mothers !

  13. jewaira

    I’ve never had problems sitting in the Bachelor’s section with my kids. Sometimes the families section is fully booked and we go to Bachelor’s. They are reasonable. It is sitting in the family section with all the little kids kicking your back or chatting that gets on my nerves.

    For couples it is always best to go late at night to avoid the presence of kids
    also avoid cinemas during the weekend and during Eid especially.

    And I wholly support enforced ratings for films like in Dubai and giving us adults a chance to enjoy movies like we should without crying babies and other disturbanes

  14. the last movie i saw in kuwait was lord of the rings a few years ago

    and i usually tell the kids infront of me to shut up
    then yell at the kids behind me to stop kicking the chair

    6ab3an mako fayda
    bs u gotta try!

  15. Laialy: That is true, most everyone is hoping they get better, but it doesn’t look like it!

    daloom: I didn’t even know that, that theater is too small to enjoy!

    3baid: yup

    Carlsb3rg: I hope they open soon!

    forzaq8: looool!

    Laziale: That is what I’m hoping. Let them increase the prices, but let them incease the quality of the theater. And improvements do need to be made!

    maryam: I agree its annoying to see it chopped up, but sometimes you want to see a movie in the theaters! And the popcorn tastes bland, not fresh like in the UK or the states!

    chikaP: I know what you mean, those machines are annoying as hell!

    Damon Dash: In Kuwait its a little bit different the kids are rowdier and they will fight back if removed unlike other countries. I have seen that happen a little while back, but in regards to inforcing age restrictions I see it happening in Dubai. They apply the age restrictions and it works.

    Carlsb3rg: Not even the batch, it tastes stale for some reason!

    N: options will help the change!

    Amer: Well said, the policy should be clear, and nobody should be able to call to have it removed. They should just not go, who is going to pay back the investment made by the cinema company for that movie. (your comment is longer then my post!)

    DJ X FADER: Exactly, they will cause havoc and damage to the area your in, these kids are better off in cages.

    jewaira: Its the matter of not going during popular times, we should avoid that for sure. Also enforcement of age is important and helps us enjoy the movie more.

    eshda3wa: Now thats a long time ago! Makes no difference for sure, these kids are unruly!

  16. Damon Dash

    it’s so sad that even with the market now being open for new companies to open new cinemas in Kuwait after cinescape 50 year monopoly in the business there hasn’t been any company that has the guts to open up against cinescape , i don’t blame investors actually because cinescpae is open in every other mall in Kuwait and it’s gonna be hard to stand up against them , economically its bad business to start a cinema business in Kuwait but for the movie goers its a dream to have a choice , i think al-shaie3 should have opened his own cinema in the avenues instead of renting the place to cinescape , i guess he doesn’t want to venture in that section and be in the hands of MOI censors.

  17. Damon Dash: You could say that is right, but there are investors with enough cash to challenge Cinescape, so I think they are just waiting for the clear go ahead. Also Al Shaye3 don’t own Avenues so they can’t rent out that spot to anyone. And your right about MOI they are just too much of a hassle to deal with, they know how to kill businesses!

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  19. Damon Dash

    really i didn’t know that , then who owns the avenues?

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  21. what do you expect, your in Kuwait. broken stale chips for nachos, out of control youth, go on Mondays early, half price.
    the youths are in schools or skipping school away from the malls. welcome thank you.

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