Review: War


This is the action packed movie that I have been waiting to see, I’m a huge fan of Jason Statham and Jet Li. Knowing that they are going to be in the movie means its going to be action packed for sure. Statham plays the FBI agent avenging his partner while dealing with the Yakuza and Triads, while Li plays the role of the assassin playing both sides. The plot of the movies isn’t the greatest but that isn’t really why your going to see the movie. The action is non-stop and that is the point of the whole movie, the acting of some of the characters is questionable but it is a very entertaining movie. The funny part about it is they called it Rogue Assassin in Kuwait and not War, I wonder why.


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  1. It came out previously as “Rogue” and later was released under the name “War” in the U.S. which seems like a better name. I liked the movie, like you said the plot wasn’t all that. I would have preferred to see it on a huge screen rather than my tiny laptop screen!

  2. I just went to that movie yesterday and I liked it though it wasn’t Jason’s best, but I love him. I agree the plot wasn’t all that, but have you seen Crank!!. Talk about plotless. Some parts in the movie I didn’t expect. Loved the action. Overall it’s a good action movie.

  3. N: I liked it but it was all action packed. The renaming is was a bit funny, I didn’t understand why.

    maryam: Crank was a better movie since it was a hell of a lot of fun. Jason did better in Crank, which is what I was hoping for this one!

  4. I enjoy a lot of Jet li’s movie but mostley those created in his language then translated

  5. When the movie ended, I was like, “huh?” :/

  6. Crank is a much better paced movie, it seems everytime hollywood puts too super action stars in a movie they tend to screw up (Al Pacino & Robert De Niro in Heat). The Movie action was dull given the explosive talent of Jet-Li, the role Devon Aoki (Kira) was lame given her previous performance in Sin City . BTW Sin City 2 is in the making so is Heat?

  7. Laialy: Yeah, I do have a lot of those!

    3baid: exactly!

    Hellraiser: You are right about that but sometimes they do get teh combination right. I have always loved Heat, I thought it was a great movie!

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