ALTH Ducati 1098 Red Brake Disc Kit




A complete set of front & rear wavy disc set for the Ducati 1098. These discs have anodized red aluminum centers and all stainless steel floating wavy vented discs. They will enhance your bikes aesthetics as well as offering an advanced quality in braking.

This is a modification I’m thinking about for the 1098 and the brakes will match the red of the body with a slight improvement in breaking. The 1098s already has amazing breaks so this is 70% for looks and 30% for functionality.

Price: £705

Link: MotoCinelliDirect

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  1. @@ at first i thought they were cookie.. BUMMER :(

  2. jewaira

    Pretty colour

  3. JoJo

    They look good but you might lose the warranty on the breaks

  4. Hellraiser: The brakes will remain Brembo the discs will be a slight improvement!

    Ms. D: lol!

    Jewaira: It does add a nice touch!

    JoJo: Nope, that isn’t an issue at all!

  5. i would do it if i got the $$ and if they’re lighter than the oem

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