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Sound System Upgrade


After some research into what sound I am looking I think I have found exactly what I am looking for in the sound system. Also I was debating where to purchase them from, but Amazon won by a landslide. This is the basic setup that I am going for, and I’m getting all the components to hook them up as well. The only issue I have is the in-dash installation kit I will have to find in Kuwait which I know is available since I have seen a lot of Landcruisers with modified sound systems so it will probably be available locally. I did a lot of research on Crutchfield because they do have a lot of opinions, but that can’t justify their prices. End result is I want clear sound, and I can enjoy at any volume without breaks at high volumes or deep bass.


  • Kenwood DDX-8019

Speakers (Front and Rear)

  • Boston Acoustic Pro60


  • JBL PX300.4

And some wiring from Streetwires to complete the whole kit.

Purchasing from:

Crutchfield: $2699
Amazon: $1780