Bowers & Wilkins 802D


When it comes to Home Theaters there is a fine line between regular commercial speakers and high end speakers to satisfy the tastes of audiophiles. The 802Ds were developed with the pure performance in mind, yet they are still reasonably priced for speakers with its capability. They can be used for front or rear speakers, it houses two 200mm bass drivers with diamond domed tweeters and Kevlar coned mid-range drivers. With music and movies these speakers are able to crack any vase in the room, as a pair they can handle sounds of normal 5.1 systems and as a full system they surpass any ready made 5.1 surround system available. For those with an open pocket for the home theater system no other speaker will do other then these beauties.

Price: $12’000

Link: SoundStage

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  1. We’re thinking of building a home theatre in our house (like a mini-cinema if u can call it that) in one of our extra rooms.

    Any ideas as to where we can get that and who are the best providers/companies in Kuwait that can do it for us? Thanks :)

  2. This Lady Says: You got mail! I sent you all the details, and you know where to find me!

  3. I had a similar set of B&W some years back the retail price was around $7500, they look great but the sound is not neutral I traded them in for a set of Audiovector F3LYD, these babies are accoustically superior, see link

  4. just imagine all the shoes i could buy with 12,000 @@

  5. Hellraiser: that is very nice! I think these new BWs have been reworked, they say it is much better then before!

    Laialy: looool!

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